Our business model

GRI: 102-7, 103

PhosAgro is a vertically integrated Russian company with assets spanning the entire phosphate-based and nitogen fertilizer production chain, from mining to sales. Self-sufficient in premium quality phosphate rock containing almost no harmful impurities, the Company is uniquely positioned to produce some of the world’s finest and purest mineral fertilizers.

The Group has two strategic business units (segments).


The segment focuses mainly on the production and distribution of ammophos, diammonium phosphate, sodium tripolyphosphate and other phosphate-based and complex fertilizers at the sites located in Cherepovets, Balakovo and Volkhov, and production and distribution of phosphate rock extracted from the apatite-nepheline ore mined and processed in Kirovsk.


The segment engages mainly in the production and distribution of ammonia, ammonium nitrate and urea at the site located in Cherepovets.