Our performance highlights

GRI: 102-7, 102-13

Financial highlights

The lowest leverage among global and domestic peers.

Net debt/EBITDA ratio
One of the lowest DAP cash-cost producers globally and in the first quartile for urea production.

Global MAP/DAP prices vs current production costs
RUB mln 2017 2018 2019
Revenue 181,351 233,312 248,125
Sales profit 35,989 53,997 51,651
Net profit 25,331 22,135 49,408
Net profit, excl. FX effects 21,190 41,748 37,062
EBITDA 50,796 74,908 75,582

Operating highlights

Strict cost control and operational efficiency improvements to drive lower costs going forward through the following initiatives:
−1.3 RUB bln
Reducing in-house logistics costs
Streamlining the Company’s spending on repairs and maintenance
< CAPEX 2020
Assessing the impact of rescheduled facility commissioning on performance indicators
Increasing phosphate rock output by stabilising key equipment utilisation rates
−50 thousand tons
Reducing end-to-end phosphate rock losses in the production of mineral fertilizers
Reducing unscheduled equipment downtime in the production of mineral fertilizers


Material investments into environmental programmes
9.1 +9.4% RUB bln

Unit emissions
0.888 −15% kg/t
Unit effluents
4.7 −22% m3/t

Share of recycled hazard class 1–4 waste
34.5 % +7.7%


(Apatit, including its branches and standalone business units, only)

Average headcount


LTIFR (per 1 mln hours worked)


Expenditures on charitable and social projects
1.5 RUB bln
One of the largest taxpayers in the regions of our operation (taxes paid in 2019)
13.6 RUB bln