Integrated HR management framework

GRI: 103

Our HR management principles

As part of our employee value proposition, we offer:

  • a chance to work for one of the world’s largest companies;
  • competitive and fair pay;
  • professional and creative growth opportunities;
  • a selection of training and retraining programmes;
  • a discrimination-free working environment;
  • a range of social benefits, and employee support and health programmes;
  • a compelling employer brand;
  • a comprehensive incentive programme aligned with the Company’s goals;
  • a framework for assessing each employee’s individual contributions;
  • a fair and robust framework for assessing people development;
  • equitable remuneration and performance rewards.

In keeping with our commitment to generally accepted ethical business standards, we pay special attention to developing, implementing and overseeing employee social security programmes.

In November 2019, the Board of Directors approved a new version of the Company’s Personnel Management Policy, introducing additional guarantees to protect human rights, ensure zero discrimination, and prevent child and forced labour. It also approved a transparency statement under the UK Modern Slavery Act.

We believe that a robust performance management system that covers all levels – from individual employees to the Company as a whole – is key to PhosAgro’s continued growth in line with its goals and vision.


Our innovative recruitment process relies on the continuous monitoring of the labour market in Russia and beyond for skilled staff and efficient managers with experience at leading global companies, determined to excel in their roles and be one step ahead of the curve.

PhosAgro seeks to attract skilled staff and efficient managers and provide opportunities to fully unlock their potential.

We believe in the value of enduring relationships and reward long serving employees’ loyalty and commitment, while also looking to attract and recruit young talent.

Our talent attraction and recruitment priorities:

  • We cooperate with schools across our footprint to create a favourable environment for improving educational standards and providing targeted career guidance to final-year students.
  • We cooperate with technical colleges in our regions of operation to create a pipeline of skilled employees with relevant competencies who are competitive in the labour market, understand related professions, and have what it takes to pursue career opportunities.
  • We cooperate with universities to fill the most relevant jobs by attracting and retaining talented graduates.

If two or more candidates qualify for a job, we are more likely to pick the one who is either:

  • a young talented professional (a programme for attracting, mentoring and training high-potential university graduates); or
  • an employee included in our Talent Pool (a programme for those looking to develop professional and managerial competencies for career growth).
Non-discrimination policy and human rights

PhosAgro is committed to respecting employees’ human rights as required by the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, including zero discrimination, not using child or forced labour, respecting their right to exercise freedom of association and collective bargaining, and creating a safe and favourable working environment for its and its subcontractors’ employees.

Our goal is to keep our working environment free from restrictions based on nationality, gender, age, faith or other grounds as required by the applicable laws. Any decisions regarding promotion, hiring, remuneration or benefits are based solely on the employee’s qualifications, performance, skills and experience.


We expect our employees to treat their colleagues and everybody else, including customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, with due professionalism, respect and fairness.

We consider unacceptable any restriction of employee rights or freedoms, whether at workplace or in any other job-related environment.

Open communication channels

Access to multiple communication and feedback channels within the Company allows our employees to resolve employment and other job-related issues. Some of the formats are Q&As in the corporate newspaper, and town-hall meetings for staff and management.

Any employee or other stakeholder can use PhosAgro’s whistle-blower hotline to report human rights violations or discrimination of any nature or to communicate any other issues or concerns related to employer-employee relationships.

Code of Ethics

PhosAgro adopted a Code of Ethics in 2014 and updated it in 2018. It applies to all employees and is the Company’s primary document for promoting its corporate culture. The Code clearly outlines all basic requirements for Company employees and establishes rules and regulations for individual and collective behaviour within the Company. It covers all professional and business relationships, both at PhosAgro and with business partners and other external parties. Commitment to these principles consolidates the values of our Company to ensure that all our employees take pride in their work and are keen to communicate with colleagues, feel comfortable in a team and can grow both professionally and personally. They help PhosAgro to avoid unjustified risks, maintain long-term business growth, strengthen our position in the Russian and foreign markets, and increase the Company’s value.